Power Flushing Central Heating Systems

Member of the Power Flush Association

Power Flushing Heating Systems

You may need it if:
- system is slow to warm up,
- partially or completely cold radiators,
- need frequent bleeding the radiators,
- dirty water in the system,
- kettling boiler noise,
- pump or diverter valve problems / failure caused by dirt / sludge in the system

Trained with Kamco, the power flush machine manufacturer.

The Equipment:
- Kamco CF90 Quantum P/F machine (the most effective machine currently available on the market)
- CombiMag Magnetic filter (to speed up the procedure and save water during the process)
- RadHammer (more effective cleaning of radiators, if necessary)
- Kamco's original chemicals (no dodgy, no-name products)

The process on an average 2-3 bedroom house may take a full day.
Jobs accepted up to 20 miles from Marlow, BUCKS.
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We provide: Certificate and Invoice.